June 20, 2009

Our roadtrip across the USA was incredible, stopping by Yosemite, Flagstaff, Tuba City, LA and San Diego. We had arranged to catch up with Jeff King after seeing his show Shred Shed on TV in Australia. We would travel up to Encinitas to meet him and shoot him and his friends as they built a makeshift ramp around the pool. Shooting skaters along the way whenever we passed a skatepark we drove into Utah and onto Tuba City. After catching up with Silly Girl skater Kora Gryzb and her family in Flagstaff, the rest of the Silly Girl team had agreed to catch us when we returned to LA.

Back in LA we shot the team and their youngest member who was only 5 years old, complete with rabbit ear helmet. Lester Kasai was finishing up at the X Games and said we could drop by his place after our obligatory day out at Disneyland. After a day in the park and taking a turn around Space Mountain (which I would later learn partly detached and already loosened retina) we headed over to meet Lester for the last shoot of the trip. Driving through the National Parks of the West Coast is incredible and we cant wait to do it again soon.