Sept 27, 2010

After months of planning we are finally in Europe ready to search out skaters for the project. Andy and I will travel to Berlin, Prague, London, Rome and Venice in seach of skaters and great beer. Our first stop was London where we met the lovely crew at Brick Lane. We had arranged a catch up with Sophie Allen and her friends at a local cafe. After 15 years living in London it was great to go back and I loved to see how this area has changed for the better. Just before we were ready to begin it started to rain, but being Brits we are used to these setbacks and it actually provided the perfect lighting for the shoot. We found a great brick wall in a quiet back street near the cafe and started to shoot, Andy keeping me and more importantly the camera dry with an umbrella.

It was a truly international crew of Londoners, New Zealanders and Finlanders. I kept the shoot to the usual 5 shots each and we all avoided being drenched, although there is nothing like warming up and drying out in a British pub. many of the shots from that day were my favourites of the trip.