Feb 05, 2015

The trip to Germany to meet my publisher Kehrer Verlag in Heidelberg is an experience that will never leave me. Although the flight from Melbourne was very long it was well worth it to go from the searing heat of Australia to the frosty mornings of Germany. The baroque city of Heidelberg is incredible and it was easy to find so many places to explore on the days I wasn't at Kehrer. My hotel overlooked the river and I had amazing views of the forest and manisions across the bridge. The lovely ladies at the hotel taught me a little German each morning before I set out to explore the castle and the city.

At Kehrer Verlag the amazing guys and girls there really looked after me. Walking me through the process of proofing and choosing the final finishes was one of the best parts of the process, as well as the traditional pub lunches with the girls between working.


The bookshelves at Kehrer revealed I was in such great company and their books are beautifully printed and bound. Everyone I met couldn't have been friendlier and I can't wait to go back to Heidelberg with Andy one day and explore that castle road that I could see in the distance.